Belgrade Acoustic Orchestra - Music for the Weddings, Celebrations, Parties and Other Ceremonies

Belgrade Acoustic - Music

The music played by this band is not easy to define: sometimes it is the classic and evergreen music, sometimes rock and pop, sometimes ethnic and folk, sometimes only foreign music, sometimes only folk – all depends on the occasion and the mood of the audience which always comes first! Our guiding idea is that music knows no boundaries, and that our mission is to make people happy and joyful, help them have a good time and transform the time spent with us into a beautiful memory. We play plugged and unplugged music - sometimes there are more musicians playing than there are guests and sometimes we play for thousands of people. Our songs come from all over the world, and we sing them in the Serbian, English, French, Italian, Greek, Russian, Spanish, Roma language.

We play music primarily because we enjoy it, and people who listen to us feel that vibe already after the first cycles of music. The only thing you need to do is relax and let the music take you - Check out the atmosphere in our shows!

All videos are available on our official Youtube channel!