Belgrade Acoustic Orchestra - Music for the Weddings, Celebrations, Parties and Other Ceremonies

About the Band

Members of the BAO know each other back from the high school and university days, when they were together in the band "Frula", playing and traveling all over the world. In the meantime, they finished their education and began to take different jobs. The BAO band was formed from the need of that small group of friends to expand their musical horizons while socializing and having good fun.

Every man has his hobby which is fulfilling and relaxing: playing football on weekends, playing chess, going to the gym - our fun is to play in the orchestra! BAO annually plays at over a hundred various celebrations, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries. We play acoustic instruments, without the synthesizers or midi files matrix. We pay special attention to the original interpretations and arrangements, which are then adapted to the nature of our instruments.Our sound can best be described as a variant of unplugged music, flavored by good taste, smiles, positive attitude and great energy.

Members of the Belgrade Acoustic Orchestra